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Spicy pot, originated from Chongqing, is a special cooking style that is inspired by hot-pot and stir-fry. Its brings the merits of the two cooking methods together to form a unique kind of cuisine that is hot, spicy, delicious and flavorful. It is extremely popular in all ages.

Bel Cool Tasty Pot, with its chefs from the Sichuan, makes exceptional spicy pot that is unparalleled and inimitable. The secret lies in its exclusive recipe, high-quality raw material, purely hand-refined incense and special cooking techniques.

Welcome to Bel Cool Tasty Pot and start the tasty adventure in the world of spicy pots!

Welcome To Bel Cool Tasty Pot

Monday - Sunday      10:30 AM - 8:30 PM

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All orders are manually confirmed by us in real-time. Watch on-screen when your food is ready for pickup.