Marine Bay Restaurant 川湘港 -  Richmond
Marine Bay Restaurant 川湘港

There is authentic sichuan and hunan cuisine.

We Offer Takeout

Food At Marine Bay Restaurant 川湘港

展示图片仅供参考,请以实际餐品为准 The images shown here are indicative only. The actual dish may differ.

About Marine Bay Restaurant 川湘港

Marine Bay Restaurant received International Food Culture Award 2019 as the Best Szechuan & Hunam Restaurant, and enjoy a certain reputation in North America. Renowned for tunnel, authentic, and cheap. Known as "hunan taste first garden", 2013 is vancouver culinary first book named "best chuan xiang outlets" big temperature, and China Eastern airlines designated outlets.

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11:00am-10:00pm  Monday-Sunday

Food At Marine Bay Restaurant

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All orders are manually confirmed by us in real-time. Watch on-screen when your food is ready for pickup.